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Good november!

(Quick back track of summer – I have been the wedding singer this autumn – 4 weddings in 7 weeks! woah, and yes we took issy to all 4! I love a good wedding! Congratulations to all the newly weds! Love you and thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your special day! A beautiful barn in brighton to the coolest teepee in York, we’ve had a wonderful time… Some wedding covers to be uploaded soon…)

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So i just want to encourage you with your time with God. I’ve had, probably a year, of really feeling stuck in the mud when it’s come to spending time with my Jesus. But it’s been a battle that i’ve known God’s presence, if that makes sense. I’ve really felt, that I’ve needed to overcome this one. He’s been right next to me the whole time longing to see my next move when i fall back down and have to brush myself off, all the laziness, the apathy, the mistrust… i get back up and the deep deep longings of my heart persist…

So i’ve felt his encouragement and his cheering on, but after that, i didn’t know it, but i needed a rebuke! From Hosea! The most outrageous love story – where Hosea marries a prostitute – which unveils the unfaithfulness of Israel. Through everything, even in my unfaithfulness, God’s pursuit for me, is outrageous and compassionate and his deep deep longing for me far outweighs mine… because he is love! and love loves to love. So i’ve been captured, my heart seems, even arrested by this crazy love.

I’m coming to the breakthrough… so i have only been able to wake up for Issy  – If issy needs me in the night, no problem. If issy wants to start the day at 6am – no problem. But can i get up and meet my maker… that seemed to be another story, a story that wasn’t happening. But his pursuit kept my heart alive and longing. I have been inspired by ihop – international house of prayer – I have been inspired by King David who filled the tabernacle with singers and musicians just to sing to the lord. I have been inspired to pursue…

The breakthrough – The alarm goes off in the early hours of the morning, before issy wakes, and i turn on the bedside lamp. Matt is already up and brings me a cup of tea! I sit up in bed, half dozing, sometimes, accidentally dozing. Bible open, offering praise. Speaking truth. Asking Holy Spirit to totally have His way in that day and in that moment  – letting him lead me to pray for friends and family or just love on him.

Seek the lord...2

The peace that i have encountered the last week is literally like no other. I have had more energy and more grace and more patience… I have quickly seen fruit, in words of knowledge when praying for others. I have been more expectant to see God move.

Basically, i used to spend time with God when Issy had her morning nap. But i was already connected to the world, and in that moment, even though i might have been more awake, it took forever to connect as i needed to disconnect to so many other things. And even in that time, i would feel the enemy try and distract me with lies. Here’s the good stuff – in the morning, i’m too sleepy to hear any lies! I’m too sleepy to be distracted. I’m giving God my first, and I have been so encouraged. I’m not saying it has been easy – every morning you have to fight the flesh, but my spirit is willing! And the fruit of God’s peace in my life is enough to temp me to set the alarm that bit earlier!

Whats your rhythm with Jesus? He is in outrageous pursuit for your attention. He has pleasures ever more, joy joy joy in his presence. There’s a party around his throne and you’re invited. Looking back over the year, the mud, i have learnt so much about God’s faithfulness and kindness. What really moves me, is his pursuit. That he wants to share his presence. That he has moments that he wants to encounter, just with me…

…just with you x

“I want to be your companion,
Just like in the garden,
So if you’re searching for eden
Find it in me”
lyrics by Misty Edwards



This is a message to the tired, the hungry, the lonely, the fed up, the ones that have put too much pressure on themselves, the confused, the distracted, the children of god that just need to be reminded that god simply loves you…

I’ve had a weird month, where its been hard to motivate myself, in all areas really. Even looking after myself, eating well, drinking water, simple things. But it’s most affected me in my walk with God. I’ve just felt… ‘meh’. I’ve persued, and prayed, and praised, but in all of it, felt…well, distracted. I can’t really explain it, but i know God is the only one that satisfies, but my heart sometimes wants to look elsewhere.

So yeah, i was praying the other morning, and just nervous really, that this month would continue in this pattern of numb dull distractedness, to my incredible maker whom deserves so much more from me – and then God did the most lovely thing…

Whilst feeding issy, she did the inevitable – giggle with a mouthful of food. She sprayed mummy with a mouthful of her fruit pudding. It went everywhere, but in particular – landed on her tray in the perfect…


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God often shows hearts to me and matt – and we just receive them as little, yet powerful, sign from heaven to remind us that he loves us. Simple really, but really encouraging and comes at the perfect times, like today.

I felt like God simply said, beth, i love you. Stop putting pressure on yourself. And the timing of the heart, made me not feel nervous about the future. His quick reaction to my nervousness was love, which i’m holding as the answer out of this place.

So today, if this message is for you, if you are feeling far, know that he is closer than your breathe, and hear him simply say, “i love you”

And those of us with kids – he has given us a divine picture – a glimpse into his love – to help us. It would break my heart if i knew issy was sad because she was trying to prove to me her love, and trying to get my attention, and feeling tired and stressed out not knowing what to do… when i simply just want her. That is a picture of heaven – he just wants you… this is the gospel – Jesus left his throne because he loves you – Jesus was nailed to a cross because he loves you – jesus rose again and does not count your sin – we are forgiven and free – hidden in him – because he loves you



SUMMER TIME (brazil inspired)

So i’ve surprised myself and am very excited about kick off tonight in brazil. Matt warned me about a month ago about how many matches there would be and it’ll be lasting about a month etc. Trying to prepare his wife! Well today, matt came home to some brazilian beef pancakes and a cold beer. The sun is shining, and here are a few bbq/picnic summer time accessories (brazil/tropical style) to get you inspired for the world cup/bbq season


1. Create that prefect summertime vibe with these lovely solar powered fairy lights from John Lewis | 2. Beautiful yellow dress from Anthropologie | 3. Practical and stylish lime green paper napkins from ikea | 4. Keeping with the lime green theme – a portable kettle bbq from John Lewis | 5. Tropical plate from paperchase | 6. Bright yellow seats from Ikea | 7. And tropical accessories to finish from a very cool easy shop called ILoveCrafty





Good morning.

Sorry it’s been a while. Issy update: she is now walking, and i have to remind her that i’m in charge! She is one confident little lady. Currently napping so i can catch up on… freelance.

I feel so blessed that i can do a job from home, but i am very much still trying to juggle it all, as i work around issy, with my mum only having her for half a day – don’t contact me on a tuesday! that’s my work day! then just naps and a couple of evenings depending on deadlines.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.25.06

I’ve had the great opportunity to be interviewed by the creative arts network based in London with regards to how i do it… how i am mummy, and designer. Take a look at the interview and a sample of some of my work here

I am currently putting together an online portfolio where you will be able to see the variety of design that i have been involved with over the years. And if you do need any design, please get in touch. Anything from branding and logo design, to a bespoke wedding print for your friend. Look forward to working with you…



listening to


Hello! So it’s been a busy time – had a wonderful time with family over easter celebrating our risen king and issy our wonderful daughter has turned one! quite a milestone! and yes, like everyone says it has gone so quickly. a year on, God has shown me so much of his kidness, and grace, and yes, mainly kindness, ooh and faithfulness, ooh and not forgetting his provision! and i just wanted to share with you some amazing faith filled, jesus loving choones that i’ve celebrated with God over this last year…

– “you make me brave” by Bethel – Bethel have celebrating down to a t. I love how they honour and host God’s beautiful presence, and their new album is no different. Graet anthems, great love songs to our maker, but yes, “you make me brave” has really spoken to my soul this last month

“you are mine” by Enter The Worship Circle – i could just listen to these words on repeat – beautiful truth. Someone asked me recently, what is the one message that sums you up – what drum are you beating? – and for me, it is that people know that we are his, and he is ours – that we would walk in our true destiny, which is in the garden with our daddy – closely, hearing his voice and not meandering into fear or doubt, but truly trusting the one who is for us.

– the wonderful and talented Rivers and Robots – “All my Fountains are in You” – wonderful folky electronic sound with amazing lyrics that point you straight to the father’s heart. Check out their other CDs and merchandise and you can even download all the chords to their songs to on their website www.riversandrobots.com They have a new albu coming out very soon, which i am very excited about! If you are local to manchester they also do the odd worship night – so check their website for details. Yes.

– and lastly, Fellowship Creative have a happy upbeat sound and “Future Back” is my favourite song on the Always Been About You album – check them out


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