happy easter


Happy Easter! Yes Jesus! Thank you for choosing the cross. That i am forgiven and free, that the veil was torn from top to bottom – there’s nothing in the way of you and me! beautiful grace. forever thankful for the shame that you have taken away and that i can know you personally…

I’m seeking God over a few things, and learning this scripture has really helped in the asking, and the waiting –

Romans 15:13 – ‘May the God of hope, fill you with ALL joy and peace as you TRUST in him, so that you may OVERFLOW with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit”

All joy and peace – yes please. Matt said something this evening, he said, “we’re really good at working hard beth, but we need to make time to play hard”… I can have so many things in my head at one time,  – i think mum’s generally do – which often adds nothing to my peace – i’m the one getting in the way of that ‘play’ that ALL JOY AND PEACE…

But it does comes with a little task (or not so little task) from ourselves – trust in him! I need to lay all the things down in my head and… trust in him. Trust in the cross. Trust that it is finished. Trust that we start in a place of victory when we call on his name. Trust in his goodness, his kindness, trust in his love this easter. Whatever it is you are seeking him for, trust that he has got it. He’s your daddy – he loves you, that’s why he sent his son to the cross – he’s been a father for a long time – he’s the one to put your trust in this easter!

 All joy and peace (and hope)… as we trust

(link to the beautiful steffany gretzinger’s ‘out of hiding’ – from the album ‘the undoing’)


O What a Beautiful Night

Merry Christmas everyone! I won’t be posting till the new year now. So i’ll leave you with my first ever christmas carol – O what a beautiful night


I love Christmas! I love the magic of Christmas! I love the upside down ness of God’s kingdom – the prophecies told of a coming King – but no one expected the way he came – humbly – beautifully – born in a stable. I love the wonder that night creates in my heart. Love came down from heaven in the form of a baby to pursue me – his great pursuit for your heart and mine continues today…

Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating God’s love this Christmas xxx


sshh…don’t wake the baby

I love Christmas. I truly love the nativity story so much. That Jesus who made everything, became nothing, became a baby, became poor, became a servant, so that we could become friends of God. And i’ve loved sharing this story with my 1 and a half year old issy. They are sponges even at such a young age, i love praying with her and chatting to her about God and the meaning of Christmas, the true magic behind Christmas. It’s hard to avoid santa, we actually took issy to see him this afternoon – it was cute. She loves Christmas trees and lights, and opening her chocolate advent every morning, and i’m sure she’ll love opening her presents on Christmas morning. But I’m looking forward to her grasping the true magic of Christmas!

Here are my favourite books that really open up the story of Jesus’ birth for little people. Would love to hear your favourites too…

Sshh… Don’t Wake baby

Got given this at one of the baby groups that we go to – It’s really beautifully illustrated and really gets the imagination going that Jesus was actually a baby!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 19.13.00

A star so bright – A Christmas Tale

I love this book – I found it in a charity shop. It has twinkling lights and includes lots of animals that see that bright star on the first Christmas night

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 19.12.23

And you can’t beat the Christmas stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 19.13.38

Beautifully written and illustrated, really opening up the details of that amazing first Christmas


Would love to hear your favourites…


this sunday!


Just want to let you know about a gig i’ll be doing. I haven’t done a gig in a while so i thought i’d share the details on here and give the opportunity for you to come along. I’ll be sharing my songs and the stories behind those songs and how i came about to songwriting in the first place. Jesus – basically! But come and hear the whole story! There’s going to be tea and sandwiches and i think cake too! Would be really lovely to see you there. Feel really honoured that i get to encourage people and share the songs that God has given to me to sing.

“My lips will glorify you”

Anyhoo, maybe see you there…



moments just for you…

Good november!

(Quick back track of summer – I have been the wedding singer this autumn – 4 weddings in 7 weeks! woah, and yes we took issy to all 4! I love a good wedding! Congratulations to all the newly weds! Love you and thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your special day! A beautiful barn in brighton to the coolest teepee in York, we’ve had a wonderful time… Some wedding covers to be uploaded soon…)

Processed with Rookie

So i just want to encourage you with your time with God. I’ve had, probably a year, of really feeling stuck in the mud when it’s come to spending time with my Jesus. But it’s been a battle that i’ve known God’s presence, if that makes sense. I’ve really felt, that I’ve needed to overcome this one. He’s been right next to me the whole time longing to see my next move when i fall back down and have to brush myself off, all the laziness, the apathy, the mistrust… i get back up and the deep deep longings of my heart persist…

So i’ve felt his encouragement and his cheering on, but after that, i didn’t know it, but i needed a rebuke! From Hosea! The most outrageous love story – where Hosea marries a prostitute – which unveils the unfaithfulness of Israel. Through everything, even in my unfaithfulness, God’s pursuit for me, is outrageous and compassionate and his deep deep longing for me far outweighs mine… because he is love! and love loves to love. So i’ve been captured, my heart seems, even arrested by this crazy love.

I’m coming to the breakthrough… so i have only been able to wake up for Issy  – If issy needs me in the night, no problem. If issy wants to start the day at 6am – no problem. But can i get up and meet my maker… that seemed to be another story, a story that wasn’t happening. But his pursuit kept my heart alive and longing. I have been inspired by ihop – international house of prayer – I have been inspired by King David who filled the tabernacle with singers and musicians just to sing to the lord. I have been inspired to pursue…

The breakthrough – The alarm goes off in the early hours of the morning, before issy wakes, and i turn on the bedside lamp. Matt is already up and brings me a cup of tea! I sit up in bed, half dozing, sometimes, accidentally dozing. Bible open, offering praise. Speaking truth. Asking Holy Spirit to totally have His way in that day and in that moment  – letting him lead me to pray for friends and family or just love on him.

Seek the lord...2

The peace that i have encountered the last week is literally like no other. I have had more energy and more grace and more patience… I have quickly seen fruit, in words of knowledge when praying for others. I have been more expectant to see God move.

Basically, i used to spend time with God when Issy had her morning nap. But i was already connected to the world, and in that moment, even though i might have been more awake, it took forever to connect as i needed to disconnect to so many other things. And even in that time, i would feel the enemy try and distract me with lies. Here’s the good stuff – in the morning, i’m too sleepy to hear any lies! I’m too sleepy to be distracted. I’m giving God my first, and I have been so encouraged. I’m not saying it has been easy – every morning you have to fight the flesh, but my spirit is willing! And the fruit of God’s peace in my life is enough to temp me to set the alarm that bit earlier!

Whats your rhythm with Jesus? He is in outrageous pursuit for your attention. He has pleasures ever more, joy joy joy in his presence. There’s a party around his throne and you’re invited. Looking back over the year, the mud, i have learnt so much about God’s faithfulness and kindness. What really moves me, is his pursuit. That he wants to share his presence. That he has moments that he wants to encounter, just with me…

…just with you x

“I want to be your companion,
Just like in the garden,
So if you’re searching for eden
Find it in me”
lyrics by Misty Edwards

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