Music. Powerful. In the depths of confusion and pain, it is the one thing that most of us turn to. This week has been one of those weeks where i’ve needed to trust god harder, and hold on to hope tighter and believe that god has gone before me. What a faith, the god of peace, calls me his, and asks me to come to him, he is all that i need. Here are the tracks that have spurred me on this week…




- Brave: I am a big disney fan, and i love this one. Mumford & Sons and Birdie make an amazing duo singing this awesome feel good song, Learn Me Right -

- Jenn Johnson: Bethel have created some amazing faith filled worship songs, and one of my favourites is Come To Me – i’ve been meditating on this, this week

- I can’t remember how i found out about Laura Hackett, but she has an amazing voice and this song in particular has really spoken to me and helped me hold on to the rock that is higher – When I’m Afraid

- And finally, Judah & The Lion, I was literally only told about these guys this morning by my lovely friend Emily, and i am so thankful for this introduction, so i hope you are to. Awesome folky guitars and strings with amazing lyrics. My favourite so far, but it’s only day one, is, Back’s Against The Wall - rings so true with me at the moment.

What do you listen to in these times – i would love to add them to my playlist…


Listening To

- David Crowder Band – I have this song on repeat at the moment – love the folk sound and all those instruments! This I Know

- LZ7 – New album Aftershow just launched on LIGHT – So privileged to know these guys – big bros in the faith

- And finally, Jonathan & Melissa Helser – Only recently found out about these guys at David’s Tent 2013 – Loving Endless Ocean


You tore the veil

Sing a new song:

Whilst praying and worshipping at one of our church’s ‘Encounter’ evenings where we just seek Jesus’ face, i saw a vivid picture of a crimson river – It gave me such fresh revelation of the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice – Jesus P O U R I N G himself out for us, so let’s P O U R out our praises/lives/all to Him. That ‘Encounter’ night Jesus gave me the first two lines of a song, and the following week the song developed – you can listen to it via sound cloud.



It’s so good to be writing again. The chord sheet is also available for downloading by clicking here… You tore the veil. It’s been a while since I’ve shared any new music, so nervously and eagerly, I would love to hear your thoughts. I pray that this song gives you fresh revelation of what Jesus has done for you.

photo credit: flickr creative commons




- I am loving Alabama Shakes new album “boys and girls” – heard them for the first time on Jools Holland last week. Great beats, awesome guitar riffs, and an incrediable vocal by lead singer Brittany Howard. Check out their performance of “hold on” here.

- Also i am totally engrossed with The Voice UK, and especially the likes of Tyler James.

- Happy to have downloaded Saint Louis’ debut EP – full of beautiful lyrics, and a fresh sounding vocal. Louis used to DJ with LZ7 and has now ventured off doing his own thing, and i’m very happy he did so.

- And finally, i’ve been loving classical fm this week, especially a bit of Bach. Very peacefull.

What are you listening to this week?




Happy Monday morning everyone. Hear are some songs to inspire you through the day…

- I’m really loving Noah Gunderson at the moment. I love the stripped back raw sound.

- Kitty Daisy & Louis – Heard these guys a few months back – they’ll brighten up any Monday morning.

- In the car i’m just loving Let England Shake by PJ Harvey

- And this song just puts me in the best mood, from the soundtrack of Matilda, Send me on my way by Rusted Roots

Happy Listening