Hello. I’m back. It’s been a crazy 10 months – new baby, house move, leading church, and so much good… and also some hard. I’ve got so much to share, so much that God is doing, speaking, so much that he is teaching me at the moment, but this is just a brief little moment from the Lord that i wanted to share with you.

Tonsillitis! Oh my goodness! If you have had it, you know I’m not exaggerating! So painful. Tonsillitis invaded about 2 weeks ago. I literally couldn’t speak. Matt took the day off to look after the girls and i had to write him notes as what to do. And the irony… I went to the doctors, and they gave me antibiotics. 2 tablets 4 times a day – when you can’t swallow! The Joys! Anyhoo, driving to the doctors, i had a moment of revelation. What a gift it is to speak. Issy all morning was telling me “mummy i love you” – and i couldn’t say it back. I was silent. On the way to the doctors i heard God say, “What are you doing with your voice? Are you speaking the words that i’m asking you to speak?”

What a gift to speak. What a gift to have a voice. What are you doing with yours today. It’s so simple. Are you building one another up, and encouraging one another? Are you telling your loved ones how much they mean to you? I love it when God is straight to the point with me.

God is life, love, and I want Him to overflow from me. My prayer for us – let our words bring life.

p.s i’m excited to be illustrating again. So as i write i’ll hopefully be sharing these doodles with you too.


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