Aw i love the gift of music. And these beautiful peops have blessed me so much this month, which has been a tough one. So important to lift your eyes, open your ears to truth when clarity seems hard to grab a hold of.

– Philippa Hanna: I know she is not new to so many of you – but i saw her live for the first time at Thursday Night Live at the Mess Cafe, Manchester,¬†last week. I really needed a night with the girls, and i really needed to hear some hanna. An anointed lady, carrying the beautiful presence of God. particularly loving “Raggedy Doll” and “lighthouse”

– Steffany Gretzinger: from Bethel, California – wow this girl! Every song from this album has so spoke to my heart and lead me straight to jesus. Beautiful soulful lyrics. “Out of Hiding” and “steady heart” are faves, but they’re all gems.

– Hillsong – i love new songs. I love that i can’t keep up with all the beautiful new songs begin written around the world glorifying God. “Touch the sky” – i just have it on repeat at the moment “i touch the sky when my knees hit the ground” – YES!

– Lauren Daigle – stumbled across this beautiful lady the other night when listening to a youtube worship playlist, just soaking – wow – an incredible voice, very gritty, likened to Adele, Jesus just oozes out of her. I love “Trust in You”!


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