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Hello! So it’s been a busy time – had a wonderful time with family over easter celebrating our risen king and issy our wonderful daughter has turned one! quite a milestone! and yes, like everyone says it has gone so quickly. a year on, God has shown me so much of his kidness, and grace, and yes, mainly kindness, ooh and faithfulness, ooh and not forgetting his provision! and i just wanted to share with you some amazing faith filled, jesus loving choones that i’ve celebrated with God over this last year…

– “you make me brave” by Bethel – Bethel have celebrating down to a t. I love how they honour and host God’s beautiful presence, and their new album is no different. Graet anthems, great love songs to our maker, but yes, “you make me brave” has really spoken to my soul this last month

“you are mine” by Enter The Worship Circle – i could just listen to these words on repeat – beautiful truth. Someone asked me recently, what is the one message that sums you up – what drum are you beating? – and for me, it is that people know that we are his, and he is ours – that we would walk in our true destiny, which is in the garden with our daddy – closely, hearing his voice and not meandering into fear or doubt, but truly trusting the one who is for us.

– the wonderful and talented Rivers and Robots – “All my Fountains are in You” – wonderful folky electronic sound with amazing lyrics that point you straight to the father’s heart. Check out their other CDs and merchandise and you can even download all the chords to their songs to on their website www.riversandrobots.com They have a new albu coming out very soon, which i am very excited about! If you are local to manchester they also do the odd worship night – so check their website for details. Yes.

– and lastly, Fellowship Creative have a happy upbeat sound and “Future Back” is my favourite song on the Always Been About You album – check them out


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