happy rest friday

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve got a sociable weekend ahead:

My first ever Murder Mystery night tonight – very excited. Set in 1917, i’m a feminist author called Mavis Truelove – really should have listened to my history lessons as i’m going to be absolutely useless at staying in character. I’ve just been watching that clip from Mary Poppins when Mrs Bank is bursting into song, “…Our daughters daughters will adore us, and there’ll sing in grateful chorus, well done, sister suffragettes…” – to help me get into feminist mode!

Then i’ll be at the Genetik 2012 Comissioning Service on Saturday. Genetik is the training course at The Message Trust. It’s been amazing to see these young guys and gals grow in God and in their character, and tomorrow is a big celebration of the last year. The reason i’m working at The Message Trust now is because i also did the Genetik course in 2009 – one of the best times of my life. If you are 18-25 or know anyone who is, then apply now for the September course. You could be our next creative, urban or worship evangelist, working in schools, prisons, anywhere really – proclaiming the love of jesus and investing in young people all around manchester giving them BETTER WORDS!

click here to watch the promo video genetik

And then it’s my lovely friends birthday and we’ll be going to the famous Matt & Phreds Jazz Club (which is where i went for my hen do – so i’m really looking forward to going back) girlie night with cocktails and the sweet soul sound of Terri Shaltiel – can’t wait.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. And even if it looks pretty busy like mine, make sure you REST (check out my first guest blog on THE ART OF REST) for beauty cocoon, for some rest ideas and know how… sometimes all it takes is a cuppa and a sit down – the simple things (my favourite chill out space by work which i sometimes escape to at lunch is coffee fix, galley) yum.

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