happy easter


Happy Easter! Yes Jesus! Thank you for choosing the cross. That i am forgiven and free, that the veil was torn from top to bottom – there’s nothing in the way of you and me! beautiful grace. forever thankful for the shame that you have taken away and that i can know you personally…

I’m seeking God over a few things, and learning this scripture has really helped in the asking, and the waiting –

Romans 15:13 – ‘May the God of hope, fill you with ALL joy and peace as you TRUST in him, so that you may OVERFLOW with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit”

All joy and peace – yes please. Matt said something this evening, he said, “we’re really good at working hard beth, but we need to make time to play hard”… I can have so many things in my head at one time,  – i think mum’s generally do – which often adds nothing to my peace – i’m the one getting in the way of that ‘play’ that ALL JOY AND PEACE…

But it does comes with a little task (or not so little task) from ourselves – trust in him! I need to lay all the things down in my head and… trust in him. Trust in the cross. Trust that it is finished. Trust that we start in a place of victory when we call on his name. Trust in his goodness, his kindness, trust in his love this easter. Whatever it is you are seeking him for, trust that he has got it. He’s your daddy – he loves you, that’s why he sent his son to the cross – he’s been a father for a long time – he’s the one to put your trust in this easter!

 All joy and peace (and hope)… as we trust

(link to the beautiful steffany gretzinger’s ‘out of hiding’ – from the album ‘the undoing’)

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