getting organised

I was supposed to post this in September… just a month late. Oh to be organised!

I’m a definte mixture of being organised and being scatty – which drives my husband’s OCD crazy. I know some people are really gifted in this area, but i’ve come to realise that i have to work quite hard at it, but when i am organised, life is so much more simple, and to be honest, when things are simple, there’s more room for the fun!


So for me, i see September like the new year really. The obvious shift in season, and the end to the summer holidays and beginning of school. For me, January 1st – there’s no change really, it’s still cold, but there’s now no presents to look forward. So when i came accross this diary that starts from September, i got all excited, and organised. Just putting a few simple things in place has helped me plan my social, work, issy, husband, church, chores, birthday, and every other thing we need to remember calendars.

Another thing that i’m not so great at is simply being motivated. Again, some people wake up with adrenaline through their veins seizing the day – sometimes, i struggle to wake up! So for me, my faith is key in this. Waking up and knowing who i belong to (Jesus) and how he sees me (a daughter) and that i’m part of a beautiful adventure (his kingdom) – these simple truths motivate me, and a real simple way, on top of the obvious reading your word, and spending time with your maker, is to create an atmosphere at home/work that inspires you to think upon the one who is truly the only inspiration. Simply by decorating your home with bible verses and art that points to jesus. So in that unmotivated hour, (or morning!) a glimpse at some pretty truth, is simple and effective enough, that it might just steer me out of my cloud and up to the mountain of praise and purpose.


1. Busy B Diary – Amazing week view twice – so you can see home/work or appointments/birthdays – starting september – plus little pockets throughout to hold those receipts or appointment cards

2. Busy B Calendar – every family member can have a column, plus it has very handy pockets

3. Worship project prints

4. Magnetic Shopping List – such a time saver!

5. French Press Morning prints

6. Storage suitcase – filing, nick nacks, random toys – when i have a pretty box i dont mind tidying my things away

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