Draw Near: Journal

Draw near to him and he will draw near to you.

We have an amazing promise from god, who inhabits the praises of his people, that we were created to be in his presence, that he is jealous for us, yearns for us… so why does it feel so hard sometimes to sit by his feet if he’s already calling us. For me, it’s to do with 2 things…

One –  OUR APPETITE. If we’re not craving god it’s because we are full on other stuff. but today i want to focus on the second reason.

Two – THE ENEMY comes to kill steal and destroy. But God is there and will never leave you or forsake you however far he feels sometimes, he is closer than our breath…

TESTIMONY – A couple of months back, i was trying to spend time with God: sitting at god’s feet, revealing my heart to him, singing out praise, reading the bible. But in all theses things, the enemy was confusing me to the point where i didn’t know what to do. The enemy would say, ‘Well, that’s not worshipping god,’ or ‘That’s not prayer’, and i felt so entangled in confusion. When i tried to explain to matt how i was feeling, i said ‘it’s like the enemy is tying me up with ropes, as soon as i get to a place with jesus the enemy is pulling me back, every part of me is being pulled back to the point where i can’t go anywhere’. That night i prayed that the next morning i wouldn’t be confused and i would enjoy gods presence. I felt him say to read Psalm 119. I wanted to be better at reading the bible and i love that he suggested this Psalm as it’s an overview of the importance and beauty of the word of god. So the next morning i started reading Psalm 119, so happy that god has provided me with my reading for that morning, and low and behold i come across the verse

‘though the wicked bind you with ropes, i will not forget your law’ (psalm 119 v 61)


God knew exactly what the enemy was doing in trying to confuse me, and he showed me for myself. I knew that God was for me and routing for me in that time where it was so difficult to find him. But the promise is in this blog’s title, ‘draw near to god and he will draw near to you’ (James 4 v 8). This along with the verse ‘pray continually’ (1 Thesalonians 5 v 17) have recently set me so free. Knowing that when i draw near to God, he is passionate for me, yearning to draw near to me. The second, that praying continually means that God wants to talk with me CONTINUALLY. Praying is not a one way monologue, yet a conversation, so if it says, ‘pray continually’ it means that i must be listening, as God is speaking. Wow.

I pray that you have freedom today, from the lies of the enemy, that you would no longer be confused, but encouraged that God loves it when you come to him, even if you don’t know what to do, he is seeking a heart that is true and passionate for him, and him alone. And i pray today that you would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and how he wants to speak with you today. John Bevere once said, ‘My wife doesn’t have to say anything she can just give me one look and i can write three pages on what she has just said!’ And with this in mind, it is the same sometimes with the Holy Spirit, yes sometimes its audible,or through God’s word, like in Psalm 119 for me, and sometimes it’s an impression (a look). Draw near to God and he will draw near to you, and pray continually, realising that God is wanting to speak to you today.

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  1. maureen hyslop

    Dearest Bethan, it really is’nt hard to draw near to God, believe me, and be encouraged in the Lord, those who come to God must believe that He is (God) and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Seek Him with your whole heart Bethan, and He WILL draw near, I promise. He is holding out His arms to you and waiting for you to run into them, just as you did with your earthly dad when you where a tiny girl, he would I am sure see you at a distance, call to you and hold out his arms, and you would RUN, laughing, knowing that when he caught you, he would squeeze you and love you. That is God too, holding out His arms. Holding out a present, labeled faith, saying “here it is, take it! it is a GIFT from me, take it, and believe that you can access me any time at all, call on me whenever you need me, keep this gift hidden in your heart, and pull it out when ever you need it, to remind you that I am always here to talk to, closer than breathing, closer than the next heartbeat. Hope this encourages you

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