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Happy New Year! Can i still say that?! it’s February tomorrow – but i told myself i would start blogging again in January – I’ve just made it! Hope the year has started well for you. I don’t start my year with resolutions as such, as i always break them! but i definitely have projects that i get excited about – and my first one of the year was to have a beautiful bedroom – I’ll be including simple DIYs, how to nail down your ideas, where to shop, and how to bring God’s revelation in, in simple beautiful ways.

We’ve been in our house a year now – decorated a couple of bedrooms when we first moved in – but when matt went away a couple of weekends ago i thought i’d suprise him by decorating our bedroom! Regretted the decision slightly when i realised how much work there was to do, but thanks to my friend Sarah for helping me paint and my mum and dad for being total legends, it was well worth it!

If you fancy a little interior update – here are some simple and cheap things you can do to personalise your space

1. Pick your vibe – i wanted a peaceful organised space where we could relax

2. Pick your pallette – this would normally be a base colour and a couple of accent colours – mine were off white, duck egg blue, blush, and  forest green. Mood boards are a great place to start – home magazines or even just Pinterest – after a while you’ll see a thread and your palette will come together. I saw a painted wardrobe on Pinterest in duck egg blue and I’ve based the whole bedroom around that!

            I salvaged Matt’s Nana’s wardrobe doors – and for a year they’ve just been propped up in the corner gathering dust
– we finally got a joiner to build them into a wardrobe! I love that they have a story and add nostalgia to the room.
I love re purposing things and giving old pieces a new lease of life. I used chalk paint (i got mine from b&q but there are plenty of places that supply it – you don’t need to prime or sand! amaze! just a quick clean and start painting! Take off hinges where you can to get a nice finish.

3. Rethink the space – be clever with storage – storage off the ground will make the space feel bigger – if budget will allow – built in furniture is a win. But sometimes just a declutter is whats needed – we got rid of 3 pieces of furniture! The crate was a gift and is a cute way to display some pretty things.

4. Treat yourself – buy a couple of new accessories to freshen up the space. If you’re on a budget – instead of buying a whole new set of bedding we just bought some new pillowcases in my accent blush colour to make it feel new. I’ll list some go to shops at the end.

5. Personalise – I’m a big believer in your home reflecting your personality and your stories. And it’s not too difficult. But for me, even further than just personalising it, using it as a platform for God’s word and the promises that God has spoken to me – so i’m reminded visually of what God has said – I don’t have to rummage through my journal, its all around me.A lemon fridge magnet from our honeymoon
“You are loved” – a gift from matt from LA
“Be still and know that I am God” illustration from Matt
Forest curtain panel to remind me of a verse that God always brings me back to – Jeremiah 17:8-
“They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

Matt wrote a poem for me on our wedding day – “He has placed you like a rose in my garden” – so i wrote it out and put it in a frame that i had lying around and found a nice pic of a rose from Desenio

What does God want to remind you of? Why not take those moments out of your journal and peg them on some string, or frame them in some cute frames – or find a fabric like my evergreen curtains – little reminders all around you of His promises. Have fun surrounding yourself with things that spark joy.

I’ve always loved interior, i have memories of watching changing rooms with my mum and a treat is a home magazine in a coffee shop, but whats really exciting is that one of my clients who i do design for wants me to be involved in the interior and furnishings of their new building – so i’m excited about what that process will look like – i’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and happy home-making x

as promised here’s a list of shops that i love for homeware:

h&m home
jewellery peg / pillowcases /forest curtain panel

prints and frames

iconic lights
table light

maisons du monde

oliver bonas
jewellery stand / pink suitcase

and i always scour charity shops for frames or ornaments that i can spray paint or change in some way.

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