surrounded by colour

happy thursday evening. I am enjoying a productive evening as the baby sleeps, and thought i’d share some… colour. I didn’t realise that daffodils, the gorgeous yellow flower ,which encourage a smile, as we say goodbye to winter and beckon in spring, were poisonous if put with other flowers! well, it has inspired this colour introduction. Wilted april…


Really loving the colours that are around at the moment, and although spring is known for pastels, i quite like these rich colours from the week or two old flowers…

Kuler is a brilliant tool to help work out colour combos, and i found this great website when needing the CMYK for ivory, but there is nothing better than creating your own colour palettes – whether it be for some branding, decorating the new kitchen, or choosing your wedding theme – get creative. here are some of my fave colour collections (and patterns) on pinterest


Obsessed by Grace

i have been accused of being “obsessed with grace”

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” ephesians 2:8

I know where i was before Jesus, I know how much he has saved me – therefore i am obsessed with grace… that he may call me his, that i may call upon his name, that he should die in my place – that is grace.

i love the scandal of grace…

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 23.24.05

listen to this beautiful gospel, grace obsessed, jesus loving song by hillsong and remind yourself of the scandal of grace once more

“forever the hope in my heart”



I am very excited to introduce to you….

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.12.38

Their first collection includes illustrations and designs from my husband Matt. 10% of every purchase goes to a charity that supports young people and promotes social justice.

Check me out modelling the ‘Jesus on a unicorn’ one…

Head over to bellyofjonah.com and grab yourself some goodies. Other products include graphic cards, and jewellery by Andrew Logan. Awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.11.38 Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.08.20 Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.07.18 Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 20.06.06



mary’s song

In light of what i wrote yesterday, this sermon from Mars Hill has really blessed me. If Mary can worship and not worry… so can I… for those of you who want this seed of worship to really grow, i’d recommend having a listen…

Mary’s song, by Mark Driscoll 



Hey peeps,

Sorry it has been a rather long time since i have posted, it’s been a trying couple of weeks. But… God is good. (grap a cuppa, this is a long one)

I think i’m slow to get revelation on how to do “life” well… anyone with me? I’ll have days where i’m like, “God is so good, he’s answered all these prayers, and Issy is fun, and i feel like i’ve had space to be me, and generally all the areas of life seem to be going well. But then the next day, Issy could have been up in the night, i feel really tired and lead by emotions and i’m like “woe is me” “where are you God” “why is it all so hard”, then i think of all the things that are still to be done, prayers that still need to be answered, forgetting all the miracles that literally happened only hours before… gosh, i’m like the isralites, “yeah, manna from heaven, great but i want something else”…

I’m in continual conversation with God about being correctly aligned with heaven over stuff. Like, having the right mind set of motherhood, wifey-ness, making disciples. And, when i generally have PEACE, everything seems aligned. So instead of asking God to have the right mindset over stuff i just need to cling on to this PEACE. When i have PEACE that means i know who God is. That means i believe who He says He is. And he is fighting for me, he believes in me, he cares about the things that i care about. He is God. He is good. He is love. He is PEACE.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 21.19.50

And i’m slowly learning, living by my emotions is wrong, and actually detrimental to my relationships; with God, with Matt, with Issy, and whoever else. And actually the most important thing i can be doing to ensure that i am being a blessing to my husband and leading Isabella well and to be the best me, is to pursue Jesus. To live by faith, to cling on to peace, and trust that all the things that are in my head that are still unresolved, it is actually a SIN to worry about them.

Today i have been full of peace. Thank you Jesus. And the funny thing is, setting time aside to be with him, to worship him, to just throughout the day, know that everything is for him, i’ve actually been way more productive and happy. Because when i try and do things my way, my time, I’m really not good at it. I think spending time with God will give me less time to do all the things i need to do, but trust me, don’t do that. Learn from my mistake, if not your own; pursuing Jesus will really be the best thing that you can do with your time for not just you, but your family, neighbours, even the strangers at the shop. And it’s an attitude. As mothers, no we don’t have hours here and hours there, but we can say at the beginning of the day, God, you are good, and i remember your greatness this morning, and know that you are for me. And we can invite him into our day and be expectant and filled with faith, and hear his voice, and look up and be a blessing. God will be able to use us more because we won’t be so caught up in the ‘worry’ that is sin, that so easily entangles, and we’ll be more present in the world around us.

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

So, when tomorrow, when i’m tired, the answer is, take a moment, literally a moment, to not let your emotions dictate your day, don’t let the chores dictate your day, let the light of the world dictate your day and you will be filled with his peace, and know his glory is all around.

I think remembering, telling your soul to remember. When all your flesh wants to do is sulk or just get on, lift up your eyes, and tell your soul, that God is good.

I’ve decided that there will always be more to do than there is time, so i’ve had enough of worrying about it.

This was my chat with jesus yesterday, “Jesus, if i take my eyes off you for a second, i plunder into confusion and unhealthy emotions…” Jesus, “Yeah..? And..?” … slowly realising, that we’re not meant to take our eyes off Jesus. And practically what does that look like throughout the day of the chores, the errands, the giggles, the cuddles…i don’t know, i’m figuring it out. But i know that when i take my eyes of fJesus, when i let other things dictate my day other than my pursuit of him, it’s not a fun place… sorry if you meet me on that day (especially Matt – thank you for his grace Lord!)

Then i simply heard God say, “you know all the stuff in your head… stop thinking about it… and praise me”


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 20.57.30

If i’m thinking about it, and it becomes a burden, that means i’m not trusting Jesus. Which really, is a waste of time. For everyone involved.

Praise. Turn your worry into worship this week. Remember and declare his greatness and see the miracle of peace enter your family’s home, and that’s just the beginning…

I’m getting there, and this is my prayer, that we would trust Jesus daily, momentarily, praise, being the most obvious thing in our life – because that’s our destiny…

(images by Lauren Boebinger)




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